What is Soveren?

Soveren is building a software company building modern privacy infrastructure for tech businesses. The software enables privacy by design to automate compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR and CPRA, while providing consumers with full control and transparency over how their data is used.

Soveren’s SaaS tool makes it easy for privacy officers at tech businesses to take full control of privacy requests (DSARs: data subject access and deletion requests) and save time with automation.

In particular, the tool allows you to:

  • Automate the handling of data subject requests
  • Track, organize, and take action on data subject requests from a single interface
  • Integrate with popular apps and custom data sources
  • Build a customer-friendly privacy center where data subject request are made
  • Record processing logs about data subject requests to demonstrate compliance during audits

The two most important parts of Soveren are the subject request manager and privacy center.


Request manager

Soveren’s request manager offers a single service for processing privacy (data subject) requests.

On-staff and independent privacy professionals equally can apply it to a variety of projects within the company or different companies.

It allows you to register a number of accounts for the projects you handle, and integrate with major apps either via API key or simply logging into them and allowing Soveren access (OAuth 2.0). We also help you manually integrate your Soveren account with custom data sources — in-house or otherwise.

DPO portal offers a clean UI and user-oriented UX with a single panel to manage data subject requests.

Processing requests is done via a simple wizard. Soveren provides automated agents to search through the integrated data sources for customer data. You can review the search results,  automatically process the data and send processing results to the customer in one structured document supplied with an official reply.


Privacy center

Soveren’s Privacy center offers a single interface for customers to reach your project/company and submit data subject requests.

You can create a privacy center for each of your Soveren accounts providing customers with a connection point where they can exercise their data privacy rights. A privacy center also allows customers to read your company’s privacy policy in full.


Benefit of data privacy compliance

Last but not least, Soveren offers offers a leverage in case of external audits. Processing logs for data subject requests are stored for future use. The company may leverage them in case of external audits to demonstrate compliance.

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