Process a deletion request

Once a company customer visited your privacy center and submitted a deletion request, you may want to process this request. Processing deletion requests is done via the request wizard.

Processing scenarios 

A delete request can have two processing scenarios:

  • Automated — applied if you have enabled data processing automation for all added data sources and all of them are available at the moment
  • Manual — applied for the data sources you haven't enabled automation for, or those that aren't available at the moment

Process an access request

Let's assume a request has already been created. If you don't know how to create one, read how to create a deletion request

Automated data processing

  1. Click a created request to enter the wizard
  2. Wait till all the relevant data has been automatically found in the data sources at the Collect info step
    When found, go through each data source and uncheck the data you find irrelevant to the request
    Also write the owner's name for each data source in the Collected by field, add approval checkmarks to each data source, and add the final approval checkmark before deleting the data; when done, click Next to delete the data and get to the Review step
  3. At the Review step, review the deletion results and delete data manually where the automation failed
    Add approval checkmarks for each data source confirming you have deleted the relevant data. 
    When done, click Next to get to the Approve step
  4. At the Approve step, read the report template and edit it if needed
    Click Save to save the draft and return to it later
    When ready, click Approve & send to send request to the data subject
    The Approve & send button also transfers you to the Done step
  5. At the Done step, see the request history
    You may refer to it whenever you need processing details and time in your work
    Typically, you'd refer to it for performance checks, internal or external audits, or to see where the request processing failed

Manual data processing

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