Create a custom request

Not all data subject requests come via Soveren. Some company customers may still submit requests via company support email or social media. You may also need to create several separate requests in Soveren to fulfill a custom data subject request with a complex scenario.

Create a custom request

  1. Click Subject requests in the left vertical menu in Soveren
  2. Click + on the requests panel to open the Create a new subject request tab
  3. Enter the following information on the tab:
    • Set subject request type to Custom
    • Email — enter the data subject request email
    • Location — choose data subject's citizenship; if unknown, contact the data subject for the information
    • First name — enter data subject's first name (in some countries, name)
    • Last name — enter data subject's last name (in some countries, surname)
    • Username — enter data subject's username from their account in the company systems if any
    • Description — describe what operations with customer data you want to perform in the request
  4. Add approval checkmarks to confirm you verified the data subject and they are who they claim to be
  5. Click Create
Tip: Click Save if you need to clarify some details with the data subject. The request will be saved as a draft and you can return to it when needed.
Warning: You cannot create a request without completing your company information first. If the Create button is disabled, click Go to company information in the warning message and complete the information.
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