Create a privacy center

Your privacy center is a single point for your customers to visit and submit privacy requests. 

Once you've singed up and completed your account, you can create a privacy center.

Create a privacy center

  1. Click privacy center in the navigation menu when logged in to Soveren
  2. Check your company information to make sure that your:
    • Company name is set to the official name of your company

    • Support email is set to the official support email of your company

    • Privacy policy link is set to the official privacy policy of your company

  3. Once the company information is set, enter the company name or its domain name in the Your domain name field

  4. Create your privacy center and make it available to customers by clicking Publish

Tip: Read how to complete your company information to set or edit this data.
Warning: You can only set the domain name once. Make sure the name is not too long, is readable, and familiar to your customers.

We recommend you enter the name you use for the company website as the domain name for your privacy center. For example, if you are GitHub, it would be best to set the URL to your privacy center as

However, it may be the case that your company domain name is not the same as the name company uses on its website. In this case, we recommend you choose the option more familiar to your customer.
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