Submit a custom request

As a customer, you can visit a company’s privacy center and file a data subject request to exercise your data privacy rights. Should you wish to do something with your data other than access or delete it, you will need to submit a custom request.

Your request will appear in the request manager where a privacy professional working for the company can process it within the officially defined time limit. Once the request is processed, you will receive an official report from the company.

How to submit a custom data subject request

  1. Visit the company’s website and head to their privacy center

  2. Get acquainted with the company’s privacy policy.

  3. Click Custom

  4. Complete the request with the following information

    • Location — country of residence

    • Email — your email address

    • First name — your first name

    • Last name — your last name

    • Username — the username you used to set up an account with the company (if applicable)

    • Description — describe what you want the company to do with your personal data
    • Click Submit


  5. On the next page, read the message and click OK to return to the home page of the privacy center

  6. Confirm your identity by going to your email inbox and clicking the confirmation link in message you received from the company

Warning: You must confirm your identity within 24 hours following the request. All unverified requests are deleted following this period.
Note: Identity confirmation prevents spamming the company with fake data subject requests.
Note: Where applicable, under Article 12 of the General Data Protection Regulation, data controllers must respond to a subject request “without undue delay” and “in any event within one month of receipt of the request”.
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