Lifecycle of a deletion request

A deletion request goes through different states throughout its lifecycle. 

These states match the statuses in request management.

Access request lifecycle

  1. Draft (optional) — you draft a request manually, but decided not to create it yet
  2. Create – you create a request manually or a company customer creates one via your privacy center
  3. Collect info — Soveren finds relevant data automatically for the data sources with enabled automation, or you find it manually for the non-automated data sources
    You review automatically found data and uncheck irrelevant pieces
  4. Review — Soveren deletes checked relevant data automatically; you delete data manually in non-automated data sources; you review automated and non-automated deletion results
  5. Approve — Soveren adds information about deleted data to data subject report; you add information about the data you deleted manually; you approve and send the report to a data subject
  6. Done — you have completed a given request; you can view and refer to the request history anytime
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