Does it take long to integrate data sources?

Soveren supports two types of systems: standard SaaS and custom systems.

You can choose to integrate them both yourself, but we suggest you let us help you.


Does it take long to integrate data sources?

Before we begin, we will need a list of data sources and data schemas in order to set up the integrations. The amount of integration work on your side depends on the number of systems you have which contain personal data, as well as the types stored. We have the following estimates per type:

  1. Standard SaaS app: 2-15 min (requesting API key/via Oauth 2.0, and enabling automation)
  2. Custom database: 30-120 min (Collecting database structure data/preparing SQL DLL, agent configuration)
    Custom on-premise app: 2-15 min if there is an API to connect to.
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