First steps with your account

Once you have signed up, set up your account and data sources, then start processing your customers' privacy requests:

  • Activate your account
  • Complete your account details
  • Add and automate existing data sources
  • Fill out the data source questionnaire
  • Create a record of processing activities (RoPA)
  • Set up and launch your privacy center
  • Create and process a data subject request

Activate your account

Open the email you registered with and look for a message from Soveren. If you can't find it in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

Open the message and click the confirmation link to activate your Soveren account.

Complete your account

Once activated and signed in, complete your account details.

Add and automate existing data sources

Note: You may want to start linking your privacy center to the company website while simultaneously setting up a custom data source, as these tasks may take some time.

Add and integrate your SaaS accounts to Soveren and get in touch if you need to add any custom data sources. Add each account as a separate data source.

Fill out the data source questionnaire

Let us know what other data sources you need to integrate by creating a copy of this questionnaire, completing it according to your requirements, and sending it to

Create a RoPA — a map of your data sources for easier navigation

Although it's optional, consider creating a map of your data sources with Soveren.

Holding a complete and up-to-date RoPA will keep you audit ready and help keep your data practices more organized because you will have a list of company data sources aligned with privacy standards in one place.

Set up and launch a privacy center

Set up and launch a privacy center to have a single point of contact where customers can submit privacy requests to your company.

Place a link to your privacy center on the company website. Ask your Web or IT team to help you with that. 

Create and process a privacy request

Test out Soveren's privacy request automation. Read how to create and process an access request.

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